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Over our combined four decades of experience our approach on any matter has been to firmly and clearly assert our client’s desires and wishes be heard and understood by the courts and opposing parties.


The Hodum Law, Pllc. is proud to offer mediation for Tennessee and Mississippi cases. Charles T. Hodum with the Hodum Law, Pllc. is a Mississippi Mediator, listed with Mississippi Bar. Charles E. Hodum has been practicing for over thirty five years in the midsouth area and has mediated many cases resulting in settlement.

Our office engages in the mediation of family law cases, including divorce and post-divorce custody or support modification, personal injury claims, claims relating to breach of contract of fiduciary duty, and many other suits that mediation offers a route for resolution absent intervention through the court of jurisdiction.

Please contact us if you are interested in our office scheduling and handling the mediation of your case.